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Design Vizion team can thus respond to all technical issues that may arise on most Web technologies used by a large number of companies.

Web Application in six points

Main advantages

Thought and coded for you

Tailor-made development requires a precise translation of your vision and a detailed definition of the specific requirements to be met.

You are at the base of the project, your involvement is therefore necessary for its success and for the specificities of your profession to be taken into account. Your application will be designed and coded taking into account the needs of the users.

Unlike market solutions that often have to be added to meet all requirements, you will have unique, flexible and customizable software.

Indeed, developing an application starting from your initial need will allow you to obtain powerful software. You will define the useful functionalities only necessary for your activity.


You define the accessibility criteria for your application.

It can thus be accessed online via a cloud system to adapt to the mobility of your teams (and even offline).

You will also have the choice of peripherals (phones, tablets, computer, etc.) that you define upstream.

Integration of your existing tools

On the other hand, the tailor-made solution adapts better to your information system already in place.

It is possible to take into account the integration of your internal tools. Link them to your application in order to allow optimal interfacing with your company's IT tools and systems, for example user authentication.

In addition, by taking into account your existing system, tailor-made development is better able to secure your sensitive data.

Scalable software

Decide, at any time, to evolve your application.

If you need additional features, such as adding a back office for example, the application is scalable.

New versions can be developed. You control your software and its evolutions.

Controlled software for more security

Developing a clean solution allows you to maintain control over the security of your information system. You will be able to define your technical requirements and choose your hosting solution.

You also define the security criteria, the tools to be integrated, the algorithms and encryption standards, etc.

Valuable asset to corporate heritage

Usually with a tailor-made solution, the source code of the software is yours. Rather than being an expense, it is actually an investment as it adds to the digital heritage and increases the value of your business.

Custom software still represents a significant investment at the initial stage. But that's a fixed cost compared to subscription-based solutions which is a recurring charge.

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