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Specialist Shopify technology

Shopify web agency

Design Vizion team can thus respond to all technical issues that may arise on this CMS used by a large number of companies.

Shopify in four points

Main advantages

Turnkey e-commerce

The Shopify solution allows the development of an ecommerce as a whole: from creation to hosting, including updates.

Shopify is a powerful and reliable solution, which integrates features specific to web marketing and the optimization of its content through natural referencing. Your online store thus benefits from good visibility on search engines like Google thanks to natural referencing (SEO) and commercial animation.

You can thus win new customers and strengthen your online sales strategy.

All-in-one solution

The Shopify ecommerce management solution is much more than a simple CMS ! Shopify is like an application that supports all of the services essential to launching a business on the web.

From 24/7 customer support to content conservation and security, including price, inventory and shipping management, Shopify combines simplicity and performance to serve your ecommerce.

Our quality of Shopify web agency allows us to develop a tailor-made online store for you: enough to make your Shopify subscription profitable.

Fully customizable

Simple and efficient, the Shopify platform facilitates the development of tailor-made online stores, easily customizable from themes made available via the integrated Shopify publishing system.

Designed as a flexible solution, Shopify goes even further in tailor-made with a catalog of apps, free or paid, accessible directly on the Shopify marketplace.

These technical performances make Shopify the ideal solution to design a quality ecommerce as soon as possible, in line with your brand universe and that meets your needs.

Efficient e-commerce

Shopify, a content solution (CMS) developed in saas mode, is particularly easy to use. Very marketing oriented in its design, it allows the intuitive management of an online store.

Beyond a simple technical solution, this platform transforms ecommerce into a unique experience, both for the company that opens its online store and for its customers.

With support from our Shopify web agency, your online store will be even more efficient thanks to the activation and 100% use of all strategic levers, such as marketing and SEO, that Shopify can offer.

Do you have a site creation project, a need for assistance, a hosting or SEO problem ?

Do not hesitate to contact the experts at our Shopify web agency.

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